Uniform Information

Uniforms should be clean and in good condition with shirts tucked in at all times. Students should come to school with clean bodies and clean clothes.

Uniform shirts can be purchased in the front office for $7.00.  Belts are available for $2.00.

Knit polo shirts in white and navy with a collar or school t-shirts with the Pinewood logo in white, navy, and California blue may be worn. Solid white or navy long sleeve shirts may be worn under the polo shirt or school t-shirts during cold weather.

Students are to wear denim or twill pants or shorts in the colors of navy, black, or khaki. Grey, light blue and acid wash colors are not permitted. Uniforms may not have colored trim, stripes, decorations, or rips/tears/holes. Leggings/jeggings may not be worn.

Belts are required for pants and shorts with belt loops. Belts are available for purchase in the front office for $2.00.

Skirts and jumpers in navy or khaki may be worn with a polo shirt or school t-shirt. To accommodate participation in a variety of PE activities, girls are expected to wear shorts of uniform color underneath skirts and jumpers.

Socks should coordinate with the school uniform black, navy and white are recommended. Athletic/sports style knee socks and knee socks with designs and patterns are not permitted. Girls may wear tights in white or navy. Leggings may not be worn.

Athletic type shoes are highly recommended. Shoes must be fastened (lace, buckle, Velcro) and secured to the foot for safety purposes. Flat, low rubber-soled shoes that have a closed toe and heel are required. Flip-flops, CROCS, high-heels, and shoes with cleats or wheels are not permitted. Please keep in mind your child will be outside participating in PE/recess activities while choosing shoes for school.

Hats and sunglasses are permitted during P.E. only.

Students are permitted to wear jackets and sweaters during cold weather. All jackets and sweaters must zip, snap or button up the front. Students are not permitted to wear pullover sweatshirts (hoodies).

Students are not to wear clothing, bandanas, jewelry, make-up, fake tattoos, fanny packs/shoulder bags or other attire which is disruptive. This includes colored hair or distracting hair styles.

Layering clothing is the best way to dress during cold weather. Solid white or navy long sleeve shirts may be worn under polo shirts or school t-shirts. Solid navy and white crew sweatshirts may be worn over polo shirts and school t-shirts. Layering also allows a student to adjust as the weather becomes warmer.

Supply List

Find out what supplies you will need for the school year.

Please contact the front office if you have any questions or comments concerning the supply list.


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