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Just lost your health insurance?
You may be able to sign up for health insurance
with a Special Enrollment Period.

What is a Special Enrollment Period?
A Special Enrollment Period is a time, other than
Open Enrollment, when you can sign up for health
insurance through healthcare.gov. You have 60 days to
apply after you lose your existing health coverage.

How much will the insurance cost?

• The cost depends on your annual income
projection, not your current income.
• Nearly 90% of people qualify for financial help.
• Some plans are available with a zero monthly cost.

How can I get free local help?
Licensed, federally certified navigators are available.
To ensure we are doing all we can to protect our
community, we are not currently providing in-person
services. However, we are available via phone call or
Navigators will help you chose the best plan for you and your

How do you apply for a Special Enrollment Period?
Visit CoveringCFL.net to schedule an appointment.
Or, call us at 1-877-564-5031

A letter from the school counselor.

Greetings Parents, Families, and Caregivers!

I hope our Pinewood Elementary students and their families are staying safe, healthy and are doing well. As we approach a whole new world of distance learning, I wanted to share a list of some important aspects that can make a huge difference in this change of our daily lives. Being pulled from your usual routine, friends, family and extracurriculars are incredibly confusing for all of us. Even though school is important, please remember that we will all need to have very flexible expectations for time and tasks for distance learning. I want to be a resource for all of you as we navigate these waters together.

Let’s start with:

Harmony Toolkit for Home – Social and Emotional Learning – During this school year you may have heard your child talking about Harmony, a new social emotional learning program for our elementary schools. We are excited that Harmony has released a free online Harmony Toolkit that provides resources and lessons to help you navigate the social and emotional needs of children during this challenging time. To register and get started using theses learning resource click here.

Anxiety/Worry – The confusion mentioned above can lead to some more difficult days ahead. In the face of anxious feelings and/or worry, please find a valuable 2-pager with conversation points and strategies here.

Help Your Child Build a Schedule

Parent involvement is key to success in learning. With the help of parents and caregivers, students need a routine to follow daily in order to effectively manage their time and to stay on track. Having a well-thought-out, specific daily schedule is key, and parents can be a huge help not only in building such a plan, but also in making sure that it is followed.

Before your child’s learning begins, sit down together and think through what he or she is responsible for accomplishing in his or her virtual courses on a daily or weekly basis, how much time those tasks will realistically take, and what other commitments (chores, personal time, activities, etc.) he or she needs to consider.

Set Up a Designated Workspace

For everyone, surroundings make a huge difference in one’s mindset and ability to focus. One of the best ways to encourage your child to complete their assignments is to create a homework/class space that’s all their own. First, consider your child’s study style. If they are easily distracted, a secluded, quiet spot is best, but if she’s more comfortable working with other people around, choose a corner of the living room or kitchen. Make sure the area is free of clutter and that other family members respect “homework time.”

Build a Relationship with Your Child’s Teachers

Appreciatively, we have parents that are very involved with the teachers in our classrooms, so you have already formed a strong team dedicated to the success of your student(s). Communication is even more essential in a virtual learning environment so be sure to let them know what type of communication works best for you and your current situation during the school closure (access to technology, etc.) If you have questions about the course or concerns about your child’s progress, reach out and discuss them with his or her teacher.

I hope to be a resource for you and your family throughout this journey. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Take Care and Stay Healthy,

Mrs. Mary Garcia

School Counselor

Email: mary.garcia@polk-fl.net

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